Kathi St Peter

Artist Bio

Kathi has painted with oils, acrylics and watercolor since her childhood in Washington state. She enrolled in various college art classes as an young adult, later studied with local artist in workshops and classes. Kathi was a member of the South Kitsap Art Guild and served as secretary, during this time she opened her own gallery on the main street of Port Orchard, Washington. Local artists displayed in her gallery, workshops and classes were offered as well.

Kathi gave up painting for many years to become a Designer and Drafter for mostly residential projects. She has designed hundreds of homes, remodels and additions in Washington, Oregon and California, working with builders, home owners and in some cases under the guidance of Architects and Engineers. Now after her long absence from her first love, painting, she is once again drawing, painting and drafting.

Artist Statement

Art is a desire in me, a drive, longing, need and love to paint, I never gave up wanting to be an artist in spite of obstacles along the way. It is personal, spiritual and will always be a part of who I am. I am working to grow, improve and most of all enjoy painting. I have painted on site, in a studio, from photos and models.

Kathi St Peter

Art Categories

  • oil / acrylic
  • water media


Oceanside, CA 92057


Artwork Thumbnails Below


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Cactus Flowers by Kathi St Peter
  • Cactus Flowers
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 18 in x 14 in
  • Sold
Clint by Kathi St Peter
  • Clint
  • Water Media
  • 14 in x 18 in
  • NFS
Covered Bridge by Kathi St Peter
  • Covered Bridge
  • Water Media
  • 20 in x 16 in
  • NFS
Desert Retreat by Kathi St Peter
  • Desert Retreat
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 20 in x 16 in
  • $350
Lagoon by Kathi St Peter
  • Lagoon
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 24 in x 18 in
  • $475
Lone Palm by Kathi St Peter
  • Lone Palm
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 14 in x 11 in
  • $85
Mission Arch by Kathi St Peter
  • Mission Arch
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 20 in x 16 in
  • $375
Sunset at the Pier by Kathi St Peter
  • Sunset at the Pier
  • Oil / Acrylic
  • 20 in x 16 in
  • $225